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Здесь представлены англоязычные игры для платформы ADRIFT версии 4.0.
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A Day In The Life Of A Super Hero
The Unfinishable Game. Okay, breathe a sigh of relief. No matter what you do, no matter what you say or how you act, A Day In The Life Of A Super Hero will still be finishable. You might not get the best ending in the game if you make a point of insulting everyone you come across and throw away your items, but you will still reach the end. Which is something in itself.
Участвовала в конкурсе InteractiveFictionCompetition 2004! Место 23 (36).
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Весьма своеобразная игрушка.
Участвовала в конкурсе InteractiveFictionCompetition 2005! Место 35 (36).
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Unauthorized Termination
You are a senior investigator with the police force of what is basically a totalitarian state. On a world where nearly all forms of crime are punishable by execution, you have been called on to investigate someone who has been unlawfully killed. From the initial investigation it clearly looks like an accident and your superior is very keen for you to close the case. You decide to dig a little deeper and it is then that you uncover something that should probably have been better left hidden.
Участвует в конкурсе InteractiveFictionCompetition 2006!
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This IF game maybe different to the ones you are used to. The main difference, as you will find out, will involve fighting. Yes, there is a good chance you might end up being involved in a fight in this game. If this occurs, please think carefully and logically before entering a command.
Участвовала в конкурсе InteractiveFictionCompetition 2005 Место 14 (36)!
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